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Welcome to Premier Nephrology Consultants

We are dedicated to providing you the best services in Nephrology and kidney health in Katy. As members of the Katy community since 2004, we have been providing the highest quality of healthcare to our patients, and we will do the same for you.

Health is the most important thing in life. We believe that a visit to the doctor's office should be a pleasant experience that will enable you to understand your own health, and how you can stay healthy. That is why we invest more time into each and every one of our patients so that no one feels rushed and flustered, but instead is able to take steps to feel better.

Our Mission Statement

To always strive for the best while serving the patients with experience, excellence,and compassion in a respectful, friendly, and dignified manner; upholding at all times as a great responsibility the trust reposed by them, focusing solely on their best interest above all other considerations, such that it evokes their respect, love, loyalty, and gratitude, for that will always be the best measure of my success while serving humanity.

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